Jessica and Owen Chapter 2

had never been so forward or aggressive towards me and I was a little nervous, not knowing what to expect. I felt his hand slap my ass, making it sting. It hurt but at the same time I could feel my pussy's excitement. “I am going to do that again, and I want you to count them slut.” He slapped my ass even harder the second. I decided I should

Sigma Alpha Lambda Phi - part 2

stared hard at me until I forced myself into my seat. Big Sister Toni attached my chain to the floor about 4 inches shorter than before to make sure I couldn’t rise from my seat. It was one of the most intense feelings of pain, pleasure and humiliation I’ve ever felt. Just, one of the most, you see, for orientation pleasure training was just

3rd Chromosome: Golden Ticket

to slam it in, but Gigi practiced restraint. ‘Easy now. My boyfriend is a fraction of this size, and he’s a tight fit.’ Tight fit. Chloe glossed over the boyfriend part, her mind was focused on the sex. She pushed the head forward until it just barely made contact with Gigi’s lips. It was clear who was going to win this contest, and Gigi was

The Descendant Dinner

an erotic trance that made him convulse with uninvited sensations of nirvana. "mmmmmmm!" "Oh, you like that, runt?" Yao chuckled out darkly, enjoying the sight of the small boy writhing upon his tongue. "Ahn! NNNGH!" Goku Jr's face now completely flushed crimson in tint, as his body was now thoroughly drenched in saliva and was being rubbed on by

Reminiscing About His Porn Career

Brad you have got to sign this kid to a contract.’ ‘Consider it done. What about it kid, ready to sign?’ Brad addressed Jamey. ‘Yeah I’m ready, this was great, better than I ever imagined!’ Jamey replied enthusiastically. ‘What are you taking Jamey to make you cum like that?’ Robby asked. ‘Nothing it just happens,’ Jamey shyly admitted. ‘Well

'Helping' A Black bitch.

‘She doesn’t have much of an ass does she?’‘No but we’ll make do. Come on’Nick locked the car as Matt picked me up and threw me over his shoulders and the three of us ventured further into the forest until we reached a clearing. Matt threw me on the ground before moving over to a table and looking at me. ‘Strip and don’t let me say it again’I was

First Encounters of a Three Legged Man and Tequila

my face to his, I kiss him. Arching my brow, I look at him and ask, ‘Ready for round three?’ ‘God yes!’ A big grin spreads across his face. I just turn, waiting for him to follow. Head held high, shoulders back, hips swinging, confidence of walking away victorious on this hunt oozing off me. I stop, slightly turn, to take Adam’s hand. I see

Cassy's Farm Adventures

the door. She sits back on her bed, staring at the site again. She looks away, shutting it, stuffing it between her mattresses, knowing he would never find it there. Kevin sighed as he walked back into the house. He hung his hat up and took his boots off. He fell onto the couch, exhausted from the long meeting he had just encountered. The main

A Spanking New Christmas Carol

up to her puckered entrance before teasing her anus open and gently easing the finger in and out of the tight hole. The fingers of one hand rubbed her clit gradually getting faster and faster while fingers of her other hand pistoned in and out of her puckered ring. It all became too much for Ellie as the orgasm built, every nerve ending in her

Bree 2 – Girlfriends First Time

was just another incident of Havoc dry humping a girl, albeit this time the girl was totally naked instead of wearing a bikini or thong underwear. Havoc on top of Lisa dwarfed her. Lisa was trying to back out from under the vanity with Havoc intently concentrating on humping her, However, Lisa made the mistake of forcefully crawling backwards

Once Upon A Time

the daily traffic and waking up very early to be at school on time. I was a night crawler and I was more wide awake at night than in the morning, doing all of my chores at night on school days and laundry on the weekend. Plus the occasional sermon from my mother.~“Manuel asked me for permission to date you.” My mother told me that while we were

Hitting the Bottom Ch. 10

with hers. "Um, may I use green, too?" I tilt my head, but nod. "Yeah, sure. Green is good." She giggles and then throws her head back and shouts up to the room - "GREEN! Please, please I am so freakin' green right now!" I burst out laughing even as I roll over to straddle her hips. As I straighten up and loom tall above her bound, spread form,

For Your Dining Pleasure

thrashing thrum of “car collision” music, or the velvety voice of the sexiest crooner, or the pixie-like chime of bells, it always took considerable restraint not to pound the little piece of glass, plastic, and electronics into dust whenever it dragged her from her slumber. The intrusion at this very moment was no exception. As it rang for

Sexy Cousins

said fuck my ass.I have to say, this girl was insatiable, but I wasn’t complaining. I did know that she also went out with other guys during this time, but never let me know if she fucked them as well. I didn’t care because she was fulfilling my needs, and what she did otherwise, was not my business.Also, during these past few months, she

Dinner and Dessert

always look at her with envy. They hope that one day they’ll look that good, and their husband looks at them with the hunger they see in my eyes when my wife comes out to play. The half hour drive to the restaurant was consumed with the usual banter parents have when they escape their children for a while – most of it mundane, but things that

Two MILFs and their daughters Chapter 1: The intro plus the daughters

they were named Julie and Tessa. Julie was Valerie’s daughter and Tessa was Gina’s daughter. Tessa and Gina were brunettes and Valerie and Julie were blondes. Unfortunately their dads had passed when they were young, but Gina and Valerie had a secret that they had never mentioned to their daughters. That secret was something huge, and one

First Kiss 9 – Fawn #2

hear Dawn say that again. She couldn’t bring herself to be angry, her heart was so heavy. She looked down at the ground and buried her face in her hands, her sobs shaking her body. ‘Buffy?’ Dawn asked, now feeling bad for what she said. ‘Buffy, I’m… I’m sor-‘ ‘No, you’re right.’ Buffy interrupted. ‘You’re absolutely right. I haven’t been a

Astral’s Tale - Volume II - Magical Feelings

eyes forcing themselves open and closed to see the magnificence of his giant prick shooting spunk onto his magical beauty.“Oh, I know Charles…” she giggled, bowing her head to catch a blast of warm jizz in her mouth, spilling over her dazzling white teeth. She clicked again. “That’s why I won’t stop… even when you’re dreaming.” She seductively

A Patriots Tale

ya?" He questioned as he hopped down from his rig and grabbed her elbow, lifting her out of the mud. Shannon fell into his arms, she heaved several more breaths and then grabbed Tom by his shirt and chest, his dark hair curled around her fingertips: "Tom, Cromwell slapped me in the face and I spit in his fucking eye. He landed two or three good


lips, careful not to touch my jewels, not opening me too quickly. He wanted to tease me, taunt me.He kissed down my body and juices dribbled from my sensitive pussy. If he touches me, I will explode. But Ben knew what he was doing. He wanted to keep me aroused, eager for his big cock. He wanted me to beg.He started moving down the bed and, almost

My Asian Domination pt. 2: Fuck me under the Christmas tree

on by the site. she was in the corner bitting her lip. i loved the attention. a bulge was growing in Chris's pants. after presents the guys went to the bar and the ladies went to the hot springs. I'm not into all that so i asked to stay behind and clean. " marry Christmas Tiffany" chills went down my spine from the familiar low voice. i didn't

Mrs. Peeker

honest; I didn't know how much more I could take!With a hard push, he pushed me to the ground so that I kneeled in front of him. I knew my place at this point, Jason was dominant and liked me to follow rules. I reached up hesitantly and grabbed his fully erect cock. His body still dribbled shower water, his cock feeling slightly wet. It looked so

An Experiment in Submission

as I dropped the ends to hang loosely at my sides. Bringing my hands to the chain at my neck, I unclasped it, then held the draping metal cloth to my breasts, my wide, obedient eyes waiting for his next request. “Drop it.” I let the garment fall to my right, and a feeling of momentary anxiety made me look away. I knew I was pretty. People told me

The boy who would

butt and took his hand away for a minute and was quiet. When his hand returned he parted my ass cheeks and began rubbing my anus with his now wet finger. I squirmed and murmured "what are you doing to me?" and he said he had to examine my prostrate, whatever that was. With that he began to insert his finger up my ass and I squirmed more.

Home Nursing

so she wouldn’t tire, so I stared down at her as she picked up her speed and worked me a little further inside her. I moaned, “I’m about to come,” and she leaned in to take as much of me in her mouth as she could. About five seconds later the tingling in my loins launched off into waves of pleasure, and timing my release so the pulsations would

Leben 18

evil laugh sounded as Alan felt a strong probing then an almost titanic force start to push him from his mind!"You obviously haven't looked at all I did to you. There is a hell of a lot more than just blocks. Did you forget? I have a lot more abilities than you at first thought. I have seen the future, a lot of them actually and none of them

My friends dad 20

to a hospital,” Sharon said. Then she set aside her anger for a little while and we all made the trip out to the hospital. We got Jeanette a room and she was in labor, but everyone was waiting in the waiting room. “So you must be Callie?” Sharon asked. “Yes, and Sharon, right?” I asked. “Yes. This is Kevin, my new husband, but I see John got a

Owned Ch. 01

Watching the two of them together is beautiful. Besides, all men think that girls should be bisexual, so what's with all the hypocrisy? Sex is beautiful. Sex is exciting. Sex is sex. So we all do each other. But I'm the only one who is owned.If Justin does go to see Karen then she will probably called me through to her room afterwards to clean

The Belfast Crab

strokes and then I exploded, trying to drive what little spunk was left in my system deep into hers. Did I marry her? No! I guess she decided that I’d never keep up with her. She stayed with me for a little over a month, before tiring of me, casting me aside and moving on, just as quickly as she had entered my life. Was my friend upset at her

Watching from the wardrobe.

shut downstairs; her husband was home. This would give him a nice surprise - a seduction!It suddenly became clear that he wasn’t alone; Jane heard a female voice. ‘What was Robert doing home at this time? And who the hell was he with?’ Jane asked herself. Footsteps on the stairs sent her into a panic, she looked around and then

Mom Needs It

but looked a little awkward and embarrassed, as if unsure what to do next. "Relax, baby," I told him in a soothing voice. "I just want to taste your sweet cock." He literally gasped at my words and I looked down to see a fresh bead of pre-cum emerge from his prick. I took the base of it in my hand and licked the salty sperm away. I loved the

The Twelve Tables Ch. 13

I promise,’ Andie said her eyes welling with tears. ‘We’re home though and I can get you all of your favourite things and bring them to you,’ she said softly. ‘Just want to go home,’ Peri said softly. ‘I know darling, I know, but we need to make sure it is safe to do so first,’ Andie’s voice took on a pleading tone willing her daughter to

A Romantic Visit Ch. 02

my chest and tits, and down my belly.. Moving your hands around my waist you begin to stroke between my legs, I moan softly as your fingers dip into my body and your thumb begins to massage my clit.. I squirm in your arms and turn to face you my hands shaking I reach up and kiss your lips as I take the sponge and soap from you and return the

Hotel Visit

of the pillow, I turn my face towards the hotel room door. A yellow shaft of brightness enters the room, grows then shrinks as the door opens and closes. The purity of the light broken by the shadow of the woman silently passing in with the light. I fein sleep with my eyes open in the almost total darkness of the room. In this blackness, I let my

Vehicular adventures

as I wished Alexx had just slammed it into me, I thoroughly enjoyed the slow and deliberate entry into my tight, hot, wet cunt. We both moaned together as his cock passed deeper into me. I was wet but Alexx licked his fingers and began rubbing my clit. I thrust my pelvis upward to meet his stroke and the moaning continued. Soon my shirt was open


with happy hour down the street on W.A. Frost's patio. Last night's was a doozie, her head still rattled from the last call at dawn. It had been months since her last confession and mounding guilt had finally pushed her from her nearby studio apartment to her holy home. Rounding into the north transept, she appraised the queue at the three

Shelter Ch. 02-04

and look after … whatever animal it was Ginger was worried about. Add the wedge sandals and Samantha felt like she wouldn’t embarrass her favorite aunt at a nice restaurant. ***** ‘Handsome’. Archie didn’t have the first clue what that was supposed to mean. What were handsome men supposed to have … some hand? ‘Good looking’? Well, he supposed

Playing House

video games, though he shouldn't have. Dad had gone to sleep early, he seemed sick or something. And mom was still out with her friends. So he was still awake when she was dropped off. He could hear her moving around downstairs. Then silence. Tommy was pretty sure she hadn't come upstairs. Maybe she was watching tv. Maybe he should check on her.

I Have Another Call Cumming In

pussy was so wet but still on fire. Finally, both of us could feel our climax coming. With one more hard thrust from my hips, Dana let out a scream that got the desert coyotes howling as she convulsed on the ground. I was busy filling her up with my hot sperm. We were now both totally spent. Dana called Penny back but I needed a morning nap. As I

Leslie Takes a Ride Pt. 01

He walked to the blanket he had laid on the floor in advance, laid down on his back and motioned to join him."Put your mouth on my cock again." I crawled over and hungrily sank my mouth back down onto his throbbing cock. I couldn't get enough of his cock sliding in and out. It was perfect. I couldn't wait for him to fuck me. It wasn't long before

A Brush With The Law

the first finger of my right hand into her pussy, taking several strokes to coat it with her slippery juices, and then finger-fucking her. As my finger stroked inside her pussy, Eva tilted her pelvis, as if to offer me some encouragement, so I continued on a little longer, gently kissing her warm, smooth skin just at the top of her butt crack as

Shopping Mall Seduction

mall and having sex with her was just a day dream. Now he was enjoying watching this beautiful woman swallow his cock.Chloe knew just the right way to alternately lick and suck and stroke Jerry's dick. She knew when to go hard, and then back off, just to keep him on the edge. She teased the underside of his head, and gave little baby kisses down

Barbara Ch. 06

orgasm. Before her climax ended she had received a mouthful of his sperm. That was her twelfth load so far. He pulled from her mouth and backed his fist from her sloppy cum oozing cunt. That left just the one working on her asshole. The other two now joined in holding her legs apart while watching her asshole get fingered. ‘Hey man, think she

The Nigger’s Hands

where she looked, every person was Black. People walking dogs, jogging, driving cars … everyone was Black. She flew through town, heading to her home. Ralph would help her. Ralph would know what to do. They were everywhere. At the gas station, in the buses … she wanted to scream at the thought of an entire nation of Black people. They would be

Office Seduction

you nearly moan out loud at the sensual action of this exquisite female angel sitting across from you. The devil must have sent her to you, you think as she makes eye contact with you, looking so very provocative and alluring, and you feel your desire to lean across your desk and kiss her so damn passionately that she would be outraged. You

Getting Married Tomorrow. Chapter 2.

to play along, (way out of my comfort zone) as I would never talk dirty to any female. “Yes, she was mesmerized watching my cock sliding into your cunt. And she had pulled the leg of her shorts aside and was working her clit, I think.” “She could have come in with us.” “We have all night, maybe later.” I could see that the thought of this had

A Lady for a Night

the lack of female company. I decided to look at what was available. The area where the ladies of the night are waiting for business was not too far away and I thought I would give it a try.Cruising slowly down the street I passed by many girls, but none attracted my attention. Maybe I am too picky. What I saw were women needing money for drugs,

indian wife banged hard

kneeled in front of the black monster. Smith was now jacking quickly and he grunted and shoted his cum. First load hit on Leela ‘s face and rest all on her tits. He took her to her room and threw her to the bed. He tore and panties and got between her legs quickly and started to lick her clits with his both hands on her tits massaging it.

Now here's the plan...

he yelled and ran after me. I ran the rest of the way towards my room. As I went to shut the door he put out his hand to stop the door. “Talk to me.” He looked frustrated and angry. “Talk to you? You want to talk now?” I looked at him with what I hope to god was an emotionless face. “After a year and a half, now?... No.” I went up on my tip toes

Surrendered Fears

and surprisingly, he let her go.She backed away several feet, staring at him with a mixture of alarm and genuine puzzlement. Finally finding her voice she whispered out, "But that's a sin!"He lifted an eyebrow and queried, "Is it? Prove it." He challenged."The Bible is very specific about it! I believe it's in Leviticus 18:22 that it says, 'You

My New Pet

tremble, cock twitching back to life. I chuckle deep in my throat at your natural reaction to this humiliation. Loving that it arouses you."Ohh, you like that do you, you are a dirty little sissy aren't you, licking up cum off the floor like a proper fucking whore." I reach out and stroke your cock, then trail my finger back to tease at your

Senior Dare

provided more lubrication than I could have asked for. Her pussy quivered around me I could feel it squeezing me. Her eyes rolled up into her head and her hands gripped me tightly. I continued to press my cock into her and out of her enjoying the feeling. Finally she relaxed and her eyes fluttered. “I’m sorry, sir. I’ve come I hope

A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 1

to cuddle on. The kitchen is open style with only a half wall to divide it from the dining area. You walk into the kitchen and open the fridge. It is fully stocked and a bottle of champagne chilling sits in front and catches your eye first. You hear the fire starting to pop as you round the corner, seeing me crouched in front, the glow of the


He growled from the far side of the stream. Amanda blinked. Was that a good thing or a bad thing? she wondered. Taking a step toward her, she noticed he did not have feet, but hooves. Like a demon. Following his leg up from hoof to head, she took in his form and realized he had been bred for one thing, wrath. She began shaking as she closed her

My Turn

my silence speaks volumes. You pull your fingers from my panties and feed them to me, pushing them in between my lips. Your tongue joins them as we both lick them clean, savoring my taste. You turn me again, pushing me forward, my bare ass exposed. You hook your finger into the crotch of my panties and pull them aside. Pulling my cheeks apart. My

Discovering Clara Pt. 03

Which is all a very romantic way of saying that we went upstairs to find a bedroom. We entered one of many spare rooms, and Pierce quietly shut and locked the door behind us. He reached into his pocket as he looked hungrily into my eyes, and pulled out the blindfold, now grinning mischievously. As he tied it around my head and obstructed my

Older women. They are the best.

and she was sitting my cock was eye level to her. She grabs my waistband and starts to pull them down. And get caught on my rock hard cock as she pulls it past my cock doesn’t even bob it’s so hard it just points straight in the air. I precum a lot and it is just running out and down my shaft. She just sits there and stares at it. It’s the first

The leather chair

loose with her nipples erect as she suggestively lounges in his scruffy leather armchair in front of him.He has 2 drinks in his hands. He eyes her up, from the tip of her black varnished toe nails to her neat short blonde bob. On her right thigh by her pussy is a tattoo of something. Her belly button is pierced with a cross. She is quite clearly


gone up to her room, first door on the left” Jenny’s mother pointed up the stairway. “Go up if you like!”Brenda was just turned 19, both Jenny and her had been a friend since school days, they’d even started work together for the same law firm.“So are you ready then?” Brenda asked with a grin as she put her head around the door.Jenny was standing

A Family Betrayal Chapter 18

and Lil Heath as her own. After everyone gets settled in for dinner which is made by all the god mothers, mom, and Faye. We talk some more of the day filling Keisha in. She isn’t to happy with Travis for his stupidity. She offers to kick his ass until Sierra chimes in saying she already did. Keisha laughs saying it’s about time a woman gave

Rave Mania

believe that I am doing this, I thought as I walked up to the persone that is letting people into the rave. He took a long look at my C cup breats and my wide hips and motioned for me to enter the rave. As I stepped in, the smell of humans entered my nose and the sound of techno music exploded in my ears. I looked around. There was imitation fog

Jenna and Tanya

pussy lips and reach my clit; a tongue Jenna was sure would have her moaning in an instant. The ache in my pussy came back. Before I could look aware Tanya looked back to me. She had a slight smile on her face and tried to hold my gaze. My stomach knotted and suddenly I wondered if she was lesbian. The heat passed from my stomach into my pussy.

King Dong

thatafternoon. She looked at her daughter. "And how did that make you feel?" Kathy didn't know how to say what she felt. "I got mad." "Mad?" prompted her mother. "Yes. I was mad at you for acting slutty, and I was mad at Uncle Boband then I wanted to shout and scream, but my... pussy..." even now shewas mad enough to say a word she

Sandrines Bet – Part Four

was as it had been: the seating arranged in three sides, the coffee table in the middle of everything. The only difference was that from the edges of the seating to the wall in back of where Sandrine had danced the floor was covered with bed sheets. As messy as things might get if Sandrine did this the hard way, there didn’t seem much danger of

A Troubled Mind Ch. 03

party to mark the occasion. I feel I have been treated badly, overlooked, not given credit for all the work I have done. The decorating is going well, I compliment the men, or rather one man, as the other two who are now at work in the shop are merely boys hardly passed their twentieth birthday. I find myself left alone with the youngest, forever

A Little Lust Between Friends Ch. 01

her legs and starting rubbing her clit. Soon her hand was dripping with the juice that flowed out of her throbbing pussy. She took her butt plug and sank it into her ass and turned the vibration on high. Damn, she loved being fucked in her ass. It made her feel so dirty, and hot. Her eyes stayed on Alicia taking the cock in her mouth to the point

A different kind of love

turned and sat Julie down on a tree that had fallen over and quietly but with authority said, “Stay right here, you’ll be safe and I’ll be right back.”“Wait! what?” Julie questioned.“I just need to check something, I won’t be long,” he said and turned and rushed in the direction his head has snapped earlier.Julie watched him disappear into the

Bride Submission: A Big Surprise

I wanted to just turn off that persona and become my polar business opposite…submissive and obedient. It means that my family is a member of a very exclusive society that sees men as superior and women as subservient, he continued. Like I am to you in the bedroom, I smiled playfully, trying to lighten the tension. Yes, but its much more complex

Brotherly Love

takes a peek at my ass. “Josh, are you done yet?” Dustin asks as he walks over.“Yeah just finished setting it up.” Jaina backs off as Dustin joins us.“About time, let's get going. I want to get a full workout in today. Hey Jaina.” “Hey Dusty, when are you going to send that little brother of yours over to my place?” she asks. “Yeah, not going to

Sex kitten in the making

to see Levi and his horny friends’ trip over themselves as I walked in the door, followed by a 16 year old dressed and acting 21, carrying pizzas. I’d have her bring them in to you guys, and watch as all 3 of your jaws drop as she bends at her hip, forcing her skirt to ride up and exposing her ass cheeks. Hell ya I thought to myself, she follows

Married Life Ch. 01: Settling In

wanted to have word with you about." "Fathers business is growing and growing and he has just purchased a firm in Hanover, which itself has branches throughout Europe.""He wants us to take over the company as Joint Managing Directors and him in the background as Chairman.""It will mean a good few years of travel for one of us or both.""We both

Miss Susan and two young guys

bed, and Frank climbed over me. He spread my legs and I felt his cock going inside my pussy, again. Ed took off all his clothes, and he moved near my head to get his cock sucked. “Oh yes, suck that cock,” Ed moaned giving his cock in my mouth. “Harder, Frank, fuck me harder,” I said and started sucking Ed’s cock. “Oh fuck, this is so hot,”

Evolution Ch. 01

petting. He twists my hair into a thick rope, and yanks my head up. My body follows, and he grabs my breasts, holding me against him, and moving inside of me as my body slides tight against his. His hand slips down over my shaved pussy and finds my clit. He expertly pulls the skin around it, bumping it against his fingers gently, and I explode in

Mz Zen's Fabulous Birthday Pt. 01

studded leather chest harness and leather shorts.Steve gulped and trembled, "Ma'am, I don't know if I can do it.""You can and you will do it, Steve." She looked sharply at him to show that she was serious.She walked over to Liam and unzipped his leather shorts, pulling out his huge 8 inch cock, stroking it and making it hard. "Rub it Liam, while

Wolfen , the origin.

to the house. If she had told her mother and sisters it might have saved them from me but she didn’t and so it didn’t. My next victim came to me two weeks later when she came into the woods to walk along the path. As she walked the path brought her close enough to the clearing that when I revealed myself I drove her through the woods and into the

Mom’s drunk again

wouldoccasionally catch a flash of thigh, or some deepcleavage. I knew this wasn’t right, but I’d get so damnhorny just watching her sleep. Sometimes I’d take the blanket off her and just starewhile rubbing my growing cock just inches from herface. I’d get so hot and bothered I’d have to run tothe bathroom to jack off. Mom did have a great

Lake Tahoe Test Drive Ch. 04

renting some gangbang porn tonight. Rent three, get the fourth for free. So he'd rent six and take home eight. Make it an all-nighter. He'd be jacking off for the rest of the evening. Probably be thinking about Sam. Or Mamacita. For some reason, he was avoiding the thought of fucking Maria.Hopefully he'd had gotten his rocks off at least once by

Mistress Punishes Me

finding his progress arrested by the rock, stood stupidly bewildered. A moment more, and I had fettered him to the granite. I shiver. In the story, Montresor takes revenge upon Fortunato by walling him up within the catacombs and leaving him there to die. It's a creepy image. No sooner have I been shackled, then Mistress shows me what she was

Will You Marry Me?

break down any moment. They wanted this moment to be over as soon as possible. The final whistle blew and he said ‘Please don’t cry Sindhu. I’ll be back for your next birthday. And I have something to tell you. And something to ask you. Please Sindhu, i would be very hurt if you cry now.’ And he boarded the train. She turned back and walked out

Liverpool Ch. 15

my pet," He kissed my hand and shook His head at me wincing. "Stop yawning if it's painful.""I can't; I'm sleepy.""I tell you what, you go to sleep and I'll wake you up if anyone wants to see you.""Ok, Sir. Night-night."And that was it. I shut my eyes and was out like a light. Sir told me the next day that I'd slept through everything, from

The Last step on the Path.

slowly stroked it. It was a woman, and she was sliding her head between my legs. My ankle straps were undone and I pushed up to give her easy access to my cock. I was in the position where I was driving my hips down into her face shoving my aching cock to her throat. Her mouth is warm and her tongue swirled around my tip and kept me on edge. I

Adam & Jesse Ch. 06

didn’t know when. ‘ She said amorously. ‘You can stop now. ‘ He said. ‘ This will hurt but only for a minute. ‘ He quickly pulled out the small piece and it bled some immediately. He also felt Jesse’s painful grip on his arm and he quickly put the rag to her shoulder. ‘Damn that hurt! ‘ ‘Take a deep breath! Try and relax. ‘ He said to her, and

Succulent Desires Chapter 9

on her nipples, and Aidan’s hands scratching up her hips. Moaning awake, Alice pushed her hips back into Aidan’s groin as she registered the sensations and attempted to regain consciousness. Alice ran a hand through Missa’s hair before grabbing a hold of it and pulling her head off her breasts. Smiling at her, Alice pushed Missa’s head towards

I was a teenager, one of being fucked by a large dog and enjoying the sensations immensely

my hand over his furry balls as Maxstood over me, I wetted my hand with my saliva andstared in awe as my hand quickly folded around his cockand started to tease him gentle. Max immediatelyresponded by trying to push himself against my willinghand. Feeling Max’s wet cock thrusting inside my hand, Icouldn’t believe what I was actually thinking or

The Cuckold Test – Part II

naked and Danny wore just his boxers. He couldn’t read the writing on the letter but as much as he was interested in her letter he was fixated with her body. They had been back from Jamaica just over a week now and she still held her suntan. The only real white areas on her body were around her bikini area. The whiteness of her flesh stood out


be different this time. Last the girl with the black hair stepped ahead and said in a shy innocent voice said My name is Cassie, its nice to meet you. Just then a faint blush began on her face. She was enchanting, it was hard to look away. Then all 3 left and came back with lunch. Then they left again. After me and my uncle where done eating

Raw Ch. 10

doors. I did not trust that Juliet bitch at all. Yet, I had to rely on my trust in Malcolm to know that nothing would happen between them. That our bond was stronger, and our relationship was not at any risk.I must have fallen asleep, because I woke to Malcolm sitting beside me, my head in his lap and his hand rubbing my back."Hey." I smiled

The couple in the next apartment building

the way over here,” I said as I moaned a bit.It was such a turn on that I had to get down on the floor to masturbate. He was on his knees fucking her doggie style and was giving it to her pretty damn good. I had wished so many times for a guy to do that to me, but that wish had gone unfulfilled for so long, I began to doubt I'd ever feel another

Grace in Disgrace 3

cock. The fact that I wore no underpants made that task easier for her.Then she lifted herself up, lined my cock up with her cunt, and lowered herself back down. As I entered her it felt as good as any fuck that I had ever had, and I had had some magnificent ones, especially over the two previous weeks.I came in Valerie. Richard came in Grace. We

Gina’s Life Ch. 06

the three of us panicked a little, fingers tapped on mobile phones trying to call an ambulance. ‘Fucking hell we can’t all do this!’ Maria screeched. ‘No you are right, Gina call the ambulance, Maria comfort Lucy,’ Jackie said, like some captain in the army. ‘Oh and who the fuck put you in charge then Jackie?’ I snapped. ‘Well I am a team

She has sex with a friend.

of your cock dear. I would lick it of but I know you would cum if I brushed against it and I still have a lot more to tell you about sweetie. As Derick stood up, he striped of the rest of his clothes and what a body he has honey he’s not all muscles but not an ounce of fat either. I had him lay down on the bed so I could play with his body


that means I’ve earned my punishment doesn’t it?”   In response she felt his hand slip into the waistband of her thong and pull it slowly and inexorably up her back. Tania’s labia lips were being crushed hard against the gusset fabric and she cried out gently.   “Yes I think you’re right” he said,” if it wasn’t for this slip of material I think

Waking To You

so enticing. I shuffle back into you. Your arm reaches across me and rests on my breast, and you stroke across my nipple, sending a thrill through me. You lean in and sweep my hair aside, placing your lips softly at the back of my neck. You know how I love that. I inhale deeply and my hand snakes its way behind me, down to your cock. I stroke it.

Pat meets Peter part 1

Peter one. His eyes never left Pat when taking the beer in his hand. When he opened the can the hiss nearly woke Pat, she turned her head but didn't open her eyes. I didn't have that amount of luck when I pulled the tab on mine. Pat turned to me, and her eyes opened."Hi, what are you doing?" she said."Hi," I replied, "this is Peter."Pat's head

Settling In

had to wash them when I got back, but I knew my way around pretty well by the time I moved into my new apartment. Mr. Godday greeted me warmly, and offered to help me move my furniture in, when I finished putting my bags in. I realized that I hadn’t thought that far ahead; I had no bed, no chairs, no dresser, nothing. I bashfully pointed that

Joanie's Ordeal part 2

didn't wait for my reply and opened the door wide open pushing me inside. “Look what the cat dragged in” she declared as she entered the room behind me. Then proceeded to close the door behind her.Frank looked surprised but didn't stop fucking Heather's mouth for one second. "Wow two Harrison sluts, I'm sure Jim is very proud to have two whores

A Weekend With My Punk Rock Cousin (Part 1)

“Just take your stuff down there when you’re ready.”“Don’t worry,” snickered my uncle. “You won’t be down there alone. The basement is Jason’s insane asylum. Now your aunt and I are taking your parents out to dinner. We would take you, but where we’re going, no one under 21 allowed. But there’s plenty of food in the refrigerator, just help

My Woman From Kyoto

your choice.’ ‘I don’t want to get you pregnant. At least not until we decide if this is going to go anywhere.’ I reached down for my wallet and grabbed a condom when she stopped me. ‘No, just fuck me.’ I dropped the wallet and condom and then crawled the rest of the way up her body until our lips met. I reached down and put the head of my penis

Midnight DP

up with a bright glow and from movement in our bed. I opened up my eyes to catch a glimpse of my wife holding her cell phones in front of her face. It took me a couple of seconds to get my eyes adjusted to the light but when I was able to see clearly what I saw was a pleasant surprise. My wife was watching an adult movie and the scene was a woman

The Secret Part II

looking at us the entire night. What do you say we give him a show?” JD didn't know it, but Taryn already was. Her dress had risen up and she was flashing her panty free pleasure at the young man who was making a poor attempt at not staring. With one hand Taryn reached between her legs and began stroking her pussy. She continued to talk with JD

Kiran - The Teacher

gasped when his fingers began teasing her hardening nipples. In spite of herself, Kiran moaned. It felt deliriously wonderful. “Please, if someone catches us-”“Shhhhh. Madam, no one’s coming in, did you not hear me tell Bansi?” he said.Kiran let out a soft cry as he suddenly pinched her nipples hard. It hurt, yet felt wonderful at the same time.

It all started when...... Part 1

it there before. Not caring I continued to ravage her ass. She soon became accustomed to the feeling and stopped screaming. Quickly I grabbed her hair and moved us both over a few feet. Her eyes must have been closed because she never realized what was under her. Swiftly I thrust her upper down on the surface of the grill. Immediately she started

Quadruplet Connection Chapter Four - Frank's First Threesome

Ashley gasped. “Wow Jean, you’ve got some big boobs.” She got off the bed and came around the corner, and Frank stood aside for her to admire Jean. Ashley’s hands came up and touched her sister, Jean’s head arching back as she reveled in Ashley’s attentions. Frank got up on the bed and got rid of his own clothes, finally just lying back with his

What I Learned in College Ch. 04.1

musician friends and that situation had put us in contact frequently. Janice and I had also been in the same classes at times, gone to the same parties and hung out with Liz and our other mutual friends.While Janice and I being together had some familiar feel it also lead to somewhat confused thoughts about fucking her. It didn't stop me from

The Way I Dreamed It Part 2 Chapter 21

if you guys are here how can daddy summon you?” asked Emi.“Well you see these crystals are connected to your father through the seals on them, so any help you get from us or any extra chakra you get is because your father is lending it to you to protect you” said Kyuubi.“Yes but you see the majority of our entity and chakra are with in these

Lucky Josh part 11

holding Josh very close and intimate.Looking at her distracted face, he couldn’t help but feel attracted to her, so similar to Cam she was.“If you don’t back up a small bit, you’ll soon notice why she said that” Josh smiled jokingly.Again Vanessa looked confused until she felt his cock grow bigger between them.A slight blush graced her cheeks but

The Perfect Pussy Ch. 06

Get your shoes on, I’ll take you to the hospital, he wanted to see you as soon as you woke up.’ * * * Keni did as her dad said and a few minutes later she was beside Harley’s bed, holding his hand and looking at him. Henry and Maggie had hugged her and checked her over as soon as she arrived and once satisfied that she was fine, had told her the

Third Development

orgasm after orgasm more than I’d had in a month.My one worry was if I was queer? What if others had heard us and reported us, we’d have been expelled and from the noises we were making I thought it was a wonder no one heard us, or if they did they minded their own business. My thoughts triggered the adrenaline in my body and I’m sure I blushed

Submission – Chapter 2

so much desire and compassion for me, and yet still be so cruel. I was so confused, my emotional spectrum was a blurry mess. But I couldn’t deny that my body did enjoy the pain once the assault subsided. The moisture in my legs was everywhere.  “Now my love, we need to make some slight changes to your beautiful body,” he said.  Oh no, he already

Twin Sister Delights Chapter 5: Twins' Wicked Evening

this house, Kimiko-chan?” asked Mom, nodding to the gray house with the large tree in the front yard.I shivered, remembering meeting Lee in this very yard, the girl raking up leaves. She saw us, seeing a pair of Japanese twins, and just had to seduce us for her brother. Of course, Kimiko wanted to be seduced. She knew Zoey, Clint's older sister,

Bounder Ch. 05

more than one tight place before and he continued to coolly issue out additional orders to the remaining guards. The guardsmen and women hastened to their assignments, with most of the rest left downstairs not given any other specific orders took this time to load and prepare for firing all of the remaining collection of assorted battered and

shes all mine3

he looked up and saw every guy had a girl riding his dick furiously. They were all moaning and bouncing as fast as they could no one is allowed to cum john ordered but keep fucking. they fucked furiously trying to satisfy themselves. Even joanna began to grind on one of the guys faces almost suffocating him, trying to cum but could not. the guys

The Worst of Friends

glass wall and surveyed the illuminated city beyond. He turned and glanced at the open suitcase on her bed, underwear and dirty clothes tumbling out of it. She was again struck by his disregard for the conventional boundaries that were supposed to exist between a man and a married woman. He was so unlike Phillip.“It’s a nice room, Hope,” he said

How he got me to crave his BBC

juices. I could tell that Lamar was even more turned on by this and immediately started fucking me again. Anyone walking by my room would definitely have been able to hear the sound of Lamars dick plowing into my soaking wet pussy. I could tell that lamar was getting close. I could see his amazing ass clenching in the mirror across the room. He

Casting Call

prick completely inside me, hard and fast, taking my breath away and pushing me very close to cummimg. I moaned with pleasure at finally having my pussy filled with a nice, hard cock, and waited for him to begin fucking me in earnest. I was so close to orgasm that I knew it would take all my efforts to make sure I only came when told to do so. As

My homeless stepdaughter (Part 5)

hard. Tiara smiled, happy that she could make her new master want her so badly.George walked up to her, beer still in hand. He aimed his cock at her mouth and placed the tip against her tongue. With his left hand he reached down and grabbed her by the hair. His hips thrust forward, and he pushed down her throat. He pulled out as she sputtered

Housewives of Valley County Ch.01

and Fadi gasped when the black man grabbed Jamilah's hips and plunged his lengthy black cock into her waiting pussy. By this time Bill sported quite the erection in his pants. His almost three-inch penis stood straight out, pushing the insides of his underwear outwards. The crotch area of both Fadi and Bill showed small bulges.The slow ooze of

Old Demons

flesh in over a decade. She was dressed as I had requested. I could see her nipples through her sweater, so she had not worn a bra, as instructed. The three inch spike heels must have been difficult to navigate down my long dirt driveway, but they too were exactly as specified. This was encouraging. It meant that she was ready and was willing to

Party Hard Even in Bed

to the dance floor I feel arms wrap around my waist and turning me around ever so slightly. “Hey there baby girl. So how did you know that I like a chase? If I didn't know better you were teasing me outside.” Laughing I lift up to the tips of toes and whisper in to his ear, “My name’s Raven and what’s yours sexy?” Grabbing my hand he drags me to

Fun on Business Trip (part 1)

with a card. She handed me the card , and said, "This is my card. My name is Marcie, and my friend is Nicki. You can contact her there in the store and give my name.". I thanked Marcie again and then a second time and walked out of the store. This turned out to be an extraordinarily great beginning of the fun I had over next week or so. More to

Luxray and Samara

and the sparkling lights."Samara why did you stop walking?" A deep male voice sounded in her mind as Luxray walked back to her. "Oh.. Luxray.. Sorry I saw this lake and isn't really pretty?" Samara said as her voice was almost a whisper. "Yes very nice. Would you like to stop for lunch then?" He asked her, nudging her arm to help snap her out of

The Neighbours Put On A Show 2

been aware of how much you've lusted for me since the day you moved in. I have purposely given you great views of my ass and cleavage whenever we've both been outside. Now I want you to inspect me close up."She bent down slightly and I had a great view of her beautiful breasts, only inches away. She started rubbing them in a seductive way, then

Massaging Joey

She wanted to be a Physical Education teacher once she qualified. She also wanted to get married and have kids sometime, but not until she was past thirty. Right now she was enjoying being a wild twenty-something student before doing all that boring settling down business. Fairly tall and slim, Natalie had long frizzy brown hair, big blue eyes


what to say to make me angry, which buttons to push to get a reaction out of me.I was tired of being angry with her, tired of the fighting and bickering. And I was tired of being an inattentive Daddy, even if I wasn't meaning to be. Still staring at her last text I resolved then and there to be a better Daddy for her, to make the time, to remind

Fucking my sexy mommy

massaged her pussy .and touch her pussy with my lips. She moans loudly.I asked her to remove my dresses. She removed my dress and made me naked. She took my cock in her hands and do up and down movements. I asked her to suck it. She obeys my order she fully inserted my cock into her mouth. Now my cock was surrounded by my mom lips. After some

The Power of Science (Chapter 2) - Evan Makes a Breakthrough

down to it, these people were just cowards. Weak and scared.=====Claire woke up in an unfamiliar room. It was a dorm from the looks of it, but it wasn't hers. She was on the bed, with a blanket placed over her. It took her a moment to remember what had happened. She instantly regretted everything. She shouldn't have went out with David tonight.

I Want You

from your fingertips, kneeling blindly beside your chair. And now, the song plays in my head as the bed springs creak under your weight.The house is cold at night and the dog basket is new and uncomfortable, preventing me from stretching out. Worse still, I miss your warm body. I miss the privilege of cuddling against your back with my face

Memories of My Return to Belfast

house in the Harlem slums for a few days. Every day, grandpa went to the Western Union office to send telegrams to our relatives in Washington State asking for money. Eventually an uncle sent us train fare. Those were the horrible days of Jenny’s life. Those were the days of adjustment and loss. The days passed slowly and the memory of them

Black Men Need Strap-on Love Too

Lots of chicks in the hood don't know how to suck dick properly. Yet on the streets they like to act as if they're all that. Well, unlike those lazy bitches, I wasn't afraid of putting my money where my mouth is, no pun intended. I pulled back Adam's foreskin and began flicking my tongue over his delicate and extremely sensitive cock head. I

Further Tales of Peggy Sanford Ch. 08

juices. Trevor continued driving Peggy wild with his talented tongue. He pushed Peggy’s legs up in the air raising her ass off the bed. He worked his tongue down along the lips of Peggy’s pussy until it touched the sensitive taint between her pussy and asshole. He flicked his tongue across the taint several times. Peggy gasped as she shivered in

His Whore Ch. 02

He was quite pleased.It took about an hour for him to return to his home. During that time, he kept her continually on the abyss of climax. He would tease her breasts and her clitoris and lips and even finger her until she was panting with desire and then one-step short of a climax he would stop. It was meant to drive her crazy with desire and it

The Party's Not Over Yet

His hands pulled her panties off, kissing her on every exposed inch from her navel to her knees, with a lingering return at the base of the triangle of hair between her legs. He knew from what he found there that there was no more need of foreplay, that she was ready for him to go on. Nick touched her there regardless, spreading her open

In the closet with my cousin II

perfect tits. Her nipples were hard from the coolness of the water. They were big for her age. Not huge though. Probably C cups. We just kinda relaxed and talked the entire time. She talked about her boyfriend a lot and how he was a senior. She complained about how immature he was and how all he wanted was sex and that she just wasn’t

Cape Adventure Ch. 02

It’s time to take off her panties, and she slips them down to her ankles. She runs the tip towards her wetness and slides it in. Amber is plenty wet and ready to go. The shaft inside her she starts the vibrations. Almost instantly her back arches and her mouth goes wide. She bites down quick on her lip, not wanting to be too loud, too soon.

The Big Brother Tickle

or shorts. When I wore short shorts and rest my legs on him he would rub them, running his hand up and down my thigh. That always gave me the tickle. One day when he was stroking my legs, I slightly parted them, hoping he would take the bait. He did. He ran his hand up and down the inside of my thigh. By this time I was very wet. Ryan was very

Big Black Woman's Slave Fetish

took a hot shower together. Then she put her clothes back on, kissed me goodnight, and left. Tomorrow, I would see her at work. The black female police sergeant and the white male prosecutor. And nobody at the police station or the court house had any idea that we were fuck buddies. How about that? I think some things are best kept secret. Don't

Mistress J

he would peruse what she’d been viewing. The series of pics and vids posted were not of a conservative variety. They were decadent titles all, topics listed like “anal oral”, “forced sex”, “milf gang bang”, “bukake party”, “circle jerk”, “women who love cum”, and many others were smack in the his face as he discovered his wife’s truly kinky

An Older Unmarried Daughter

ma’am.’ They all assumed she was married. Maggie sighed and went to the president’s office to meet a bank client. When VIPs came to town and they asked for an attractive woman to accompany them to dinner the president often called Maggie. It was assumed but never stated a single woman like Maggie had to get her sex from somewhere. Maggie thought

Short Order Troll

problem finishing it, bub,’ I said as I picked up the plate. It was spotless. He could have licked it clean. Oh, gross, he probably did. I put it back in front of him and wiped my hand on my apron. ‘Losing interest,’ he said in the usual verb-less way that trolls expressed themselves. ‘Better get hotter quick.’ He started to push the plate back

Bitch Wars: Karma 1 Marilyn 0

sundress shows off plenty of her surgically augmented 36C cleavage and, as usual, she isnt wearing a bra so her pert nipples are clearly visible through the thin fabric. Of course, as with anything Marilyn, the plastic surgeon was insanely expensive. However, he was truly a master craftsman and created a perfect pair of titties that could fool

Secret Mother In Law Sex Pt 1

We had tried living in Britain but she missed her mum a lot and really never liked life in the midlands. I was glad when we made the move as I thought life was getting a bit stale. I never saw Victoria (Tanya’s mum) as a hot woman. She was in her mid 50s, shortish with curly brown hair and what looked like a face that had been pretty in its

The Developing Chronicles Of Our Affair - Part 1

thought were wishful fiction? Addendum 1:  I asked Patrick quickly if he was okay with me writing this story in this way, particularly as it contains some personal info about his marriage. This is how that conversation went:Me: I'm writing our personal story as a series of posts on Lush. That includes some info about our marriages as context. 

Amy made an offer to her brother - 1

he was just wrapping the around his hard cock and jerk-off. Alex was imagining his hot sister sometimes naked and sometimes himself fucking Amy. Alex was going to have a nice orgasm and he was confused if he should cum in those panties or not. “Big boy,” Alex heard someone saying and then a little laugh. Amy was standing near the door in her

My Crazy Cousins

so I lay on my back and gave Jan a turn. Jill leaned over me and asks me to suck her tits like I was a nursing baby. I thought it was weird but I did like the idea of a soft boob hanging in my face. Jan was really jacking me and I knew I could not last long. Soon I let out a big moan and both girls turned to watch my cum fly up into the air and

My Affair

of fingers deep in my slit and give me a feel. Other times I could be bending over and you’ll slide right in, balls deep in a second.Of course it helps to always wear skirts, and I do it just for you. Who knows when you could ask me to sit on your lap and ride your rock hard cock, bouncing up and down while you fiddle my clit all the way to an

Son of the Playhouse

out, tongue-fucking her asshole. Doris grunted and gurgled, her growing abandonment made apparent by her alternately tightening and relaxing uncontrollably on my tongue, fucking me back, milking my tongue with the spasms of her anal embrace while her big butt-cheeks clamped against my face. I knew Doris was reaching climax when her buttocks

My neighbour

was around 50 5,9 and quite fit for his age , Kim was always please to see him and they chated a lot , not thinking anything was going on i welcomed him into our home on many occasions , he asked if i was away would it be ok to keep Kim company , i was happy that there would be somebody around.Our sex life was not that great after twenty years it

21st Century Sex Slaves, part 1

him. “Walk your little pet right this way to my office,” Bob said, showing a wide car salesmen like smile while pointing towards a dimly lit hallway. As Vanessa walks before him, Jack cant keep his eyes from noticing the way her firm round ass waddles perfectly for his enjoyment. He want's to enter her back door as well, he finds himself wanting

Cleaning Lady Brings Her Young Daughter to Work

that arched several feet into the flower bed.  'You raised in a barn, Mister?" a voice giggled, startling me.My head snapped hard in the direction of her voice.  There stood Maggie, hands on hips and smiling.  "My boyfriend does the same thing behind his garage, Mister.  What's wrong with men anyway?"My cock hung limp, dribbling the last drops.

Lily, A Hijab Wife : Chapter 3 : Sara's Lessons for Kyle

Perhaps a bit more than half. He look into my eyes. A bit nervous. Then I take out my tongue and runs my wet warm tongue all over his cock. His cock twitches at the lick. So cute. I licks a bit more as he moans. “Oh fuck, Sara…” He moans my name. “Ummm… That’s it, moans my name…” I tease as I lick the wet head. Then slowly I slides his cock into

Goodhead Farm Pt. 02

day… until you wanna… put it somewhere el… else…’ Again I had to pull out, telling her that she was really turning me on. ‘Good, you stud,’ she said with heavy breath. ‘Do you wanna cum in my mouth?’ I took her by the hair and pulled her down to the floor, and she looked up as I stroked in her face, still holding her hair tight above her head.

My cum-slut wife part 2

was nestled against my groin. It was just like being deep inside her pussy, but she had all the control.When I was close to cumming I put one hand on Mandys shoulder and the other around the back of her head. I grabbed a fistful of her long black hair, and Mandy knew the signs well enough to relax. She kept her mouth open, bust stopped bobbing up

Raven and River Hawk Dream Catcher Pt. 04

rush of melted ice deafened her ears. A gush of water slivered down the mountain. She was mesmerized by the sight, not noting the hawk was high above her. Not until the feather floated landing in Ghost’s mane did she look up. Only hearing the enormous wing span as it flew towards her final destination. Raven turned Ghost racing with all his might

I Want….

me kissing me so I can see what I taste like. I want to take your shirt off and rub my hands over the tenderness of your muscles. I want to feel you smile into the kiss. I’ll take your pants off, and grab you through your boxers. I’ll bite my lip and act like this is my first time. I’ll rip your boxers off and stroke you until you’re hard. Then

Fear and Self Loathing at Pride

under her covers was to be my next destination. Joining me beside her classy, heart-shaped bed, Constance began undressing me with the sensual touch normally only found late-night on Skinemax.With the long-awaited moment now at hand, I was a physical and emotional wreck; my knees buckling, forehead bathed in sweat, and heart pounding like a punk


The collar is a leather serpent, constricting around my neck with every breath I take. The chain is cold and heavy, draped along my chest and inner thigh. The grass is soft on my knees, and I feel as though I could kneel like this for all of eternity. Small drops of precum spill from my cock as I reflect upon my condition, how wonderful it feels

A Parisian Interlude

that circuit for a long time. He was older by a decade-plus. This time they were sitting over the dinner table at home on a Saturday night not long after they’d returned from a European holiday. They were well fed and had several wines each to their credit and were chatting about their trip. Em and Ambrose liked going on holiday together. Their

Restoring The Balance - A Story of Guilt, Submission and Adultery

did you tell her?” His finger was sliding quite easy already. “To wear whatever little she’s comfortable with.” I moaned softly. “And...” he prompted, tickling my pearl and making me gasp. “She told me that saying that was dangerous, with a hunk like you.” My hips lifted slightly off the bed. “And what did you say?” His breathing was speeding up

Doctor Dad

my mouth and looked up at her vagina. Sure enough, her small pee hole opened and out squirted a little dash. I let it drip down my mouth as she held open her anus with her hands."Anything honey?" I asked as she stood, spread eagle, holding herself open. Breasts thrust outward from her arch, head high, Sarah was my own little porn star, only

I’m Not Lisa Ch. 01-03

agreed to take on the project leader role, but isn’t interested in continuin’ on after it’s up and runnin’. She’s a very experienced lady and you’ll learn a lot workin’ with her.’ I nodded, feeling excited that I would be involved in an important project. ‘Sandra is already approachin’ other people to assist you and her, but she’ll want to talk


limit inside her when I was about ¾, of the way in so Brenda started sliding up and down my pole about an inch or so, god it felt good. After a couple of minutes Brenda leaned forward and really moved up and down with the bouncing, my cock was getting about two inches of movement then I could feel her pussy gripping my shaft rhythmically as

Hunting The Hunter (Part Three)

we have no choice but to bring her in this. Blake sighed as he started to pace. Whitman, turn on Noahs ear piece and inform him of whats going on. Noah couldnt believe what he was hearing at this very moment. Skyler was the woman they were looking for and this whole time hes been talking to her and didnt even realize that she fit the description

Solace & Rosanna Ch. 10

send you somewhere that you wouldn’t like.” Isolinda choked on these words for deep in her heart of hearts she did not want to send her daughter away, but she and Ace had talked it over a thousand times and had come to this conclusion and it was all planned. But maybe the could… No. “Please mama, daddy… Don’t send me away. I can be just like any

Finding a New Life Ch. 02-03

Tyler brushed his thumb over a pointed nipple. ‘Ty?’ Lily asked, unsure of the sensations going through her. ‘Trust me,’ Tyler whispered. Lily moaned as his lips met hers while Tyler played with her breasts. Tyler slid his hands down Lily’s body and past the waistband of her skirt. ‘Ty,’ Lily said again before gasping when he slid a finger up

Coke and a Smile

The carpet cleaning company she had hired was due to arrive any minute, but she could still keep on working while something else was getting accomplished around her home at the same time. For her, that was a slam-dunk. Right on cue, Kate heard the sound of a truck pulling into her driveway and the slamming of the vehicle door. Having never used

Past experiences - First love 2

around me and buried her head on my shoulder before I could say anything. “I’m sorry” she whispered in my ear after sometime. In those few moments my heart took over any common sense I had. I didn’t want to allow her in so she could hurt me again but I loved her. I loved her so much that i blocked out all the things my brain was telling. We went

Excuse Me Miss… Ch. 02

morning to someone talking on the phone. It took him a few seconds to remember where he was and why he was in a strange bed. As the events of the previous night came back to him he smiled. However, his joyful recollection was interrupted by a raised voice in the other room. ‘Mother, would you back off about that damn card already! It’s a fucking

Anal Sex Tames Bitchy Women

it felt harsh. I felt like my ass was being split in half. I'm not kidding! Samuel didn't seem to notice my discomfort, or maybe he just didn't care. He grabbed my wide hips and gleefully rammed his cock into my asshole. I screamed like a madwoman as he had his fun. He berated me while fucking me in the ass. He said that big women had the

Accepting Multiple Sessions

me, at how much she wanted the pleasure I have given her. She realized that this is how it will be, the reproach and the recriminations. She foolishly thought my asking her to stay with me was my way of saying I was serious about having a relationship with her, but now she didn't think so. What burgeoning hope she might have had for a

Open For Me Now

pushed up your top to reveal your breasts. Standing beside your bed, I run my hands over your tummy and up to the bottom of your breasts where I cup one and squeeze if firmly in my hand. The other hand slides down and pushes along your thigh, moving back and forth till it touches your soft fur. Finding the mound, I push on it with the palm of my

His Partner's Sister

she'd made it his only one; he didn't care if she was John's little sister anymore. He grabbed her wrist with his eyes glued to the road. He moved it back to her thigh, and saw the disappointment she couldn't hide and had to stop himself from smiling. Hesitating just long enough to make her squirm, he ran his hand up her thigh until it rested

Beech Mountain-Ch 11--15

it's a good hurt.” She kept cutting little circles to open the inner lips. Once the wide glans passed them, the rest was easier.. I spread Debra's ass cheeks to watch as her anus puckered.. my cock finally seated deeply inside her hot vagina. She leaned back to rest her head on my collarbone..We kissed deeply as I flexed my cock, the wide head

Chubby College Niece

nightstand and pulled out a pink vibrator. Turning it on first, he placed it between Megan’s legs. Sliding it in and out of her drenching hole, she started to cum with the toy inside her. Waves of pleasure shot all through her body as Jimmy continued ramming the toy in and out of her pussy.Soon his cock was erect and she begged for him to fuck

Joan Gets a Surprise Ch. 01

again within minutes. Soon my nervous system feels like I’m blowing a fuse. Holy shit! I can do nothing but grunt loudly because of his cock is buried in my mouth and throat. God, this is a hard cum and he doesn’t even have a thumb in my ass. It’s so hard it almost hurts. After coming down from that orgasm, I get up and slowly lower myself onto

L. Kay pt3 the end of her vacation

ready for the erotic part of my massage. I was primed and aroused. I took a quick glance toward Cal. He was still lying on his back stroking himself slowly as he watched. I closed my eyes again as both Pierre and Jess put their hands on me. I was trembling with excitement waiting for them to begin. This was heaven when Pierre gave me a sample

Of Love and Lush

would be snared in the first banter of black box conversation with a woman I’d never before heard of. Impossible, I said afterward, and oh, so many times repeated this to myself as the lie of it all rang increasingly hollow. Back I went to the relationship I was in, trying my best to make it real and knowing with each passing month it was not. I

Co workers

. She hasn't thought much of him since the day they met. It seemed like he avoided her. " what can I do for you lance "? He wanted to tell her that she could relieve this bulge in his pants. Let him see her body. Touch her body . Ooh how he wanted her! " I noticed you weren't here last week so I thought I'd see if you were ok". 'Wow' she

Sleepover Party

tits, and an otherwise petite frame. It is easy to think she is chubby at first just because of the way her shirts hang, but I’ve been friends with her long enough to know this is definitely not the case. Anyways, they came over to my house that night anticipating stuffing my face with chips and maybe talking about boys and things like that.

Goddess of Ice and Fire

It sent icy streams through your body as did the cuffs I placed around your wrists and ankles and the heavy chains that connected them. When the chains touched your naked skin I watched your body starting to shiver. I started to walk, taking you by the chains and you followed me willingly, not questioning any of this. After having walked a

My Naked Stepmother Makes A Pass At Me

hand while we walked up the stairs. She has the most amazing body and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her beautiful implanted breasts. I couldn’t believe we were going to be fucking. I wasn’t even thinking about how sad my dad would be to know I fucked his new wife. It was her idea and I didn’t want to upset her. When we reached the bedroom,

The Massage

pussy up as you did; and shoved your hard dick into me deeply. I wrapped my legs around your hips as you pounded my pussy hard. When you came close to climax, you pulled out of me and sat back on the couch. You pulled me into your lap, guiding me over your fully engorged cock. I lowered myself slowly onto it until I could feel it digging upwards

office play

was ready to insert a second finger into my soaked hole,when my door opened.I jumped up and straightened my skirt.One of my co-workers walked in.I was furious! "Carl,you didn't knock"! I thought my door was locked! Carl apologized with a frightened look on his face.He needed a file on a former employee.I excused myself for a second to wash my

A Bound Anniversary

ohhhhhhhh.’ Using his shoulders I was able to lift myself further off the bed, wanting and needing his tongue in me further. ‘MMmmmm ohhh… god… let me see Jack, I want to see you in me.’ I could feel tingling spread throughout my body. It started in my feet, then climbed up, rising to the point of no return. Incoherent words streamed from my

His Masters Voice (The Journey)

to hump me. His hand worked there way under my ass as he thrust himself into me as I pulled my legs around his back and I started to bring my pussy up to meet his thrusting cock. He felt long and thick and with each thrust of his length was banging my cervix, it felt so good I really started to let go and began trusting my hips up at him harder

She Was Desperate

twelve years old. She begged me to fuck her ever day, every hour, and every minute of the day after that. She said that from now on her body belonged to me. All I could do was thank her, kiss her back, and splash cold water on her to get the rest of the suds off her body.We got out of the stream and carried our clothes back to my cabin. I knew

A Special Lesson

straining, and were tied on the opposite legs of the desk. She was naked, spread eagle on the desk of her professor. Next came the ball gag, forced between those pouting lips. It was secured tightly, her teeth biting down into the crimson rubber. The scarf was wrapped around her eyes. She couldn't see, she couldn't move. She was totally helpless,

Lisa's New Boss

one corner. What I saw straight away though was a great big window which Karl was pushing me towards. Right in front of the window he told me to put my hands behind my head and spread my legs apart. We were a long way up, but I was sure that people must be able to see me. I didn't dare look down. I fixed my eyes on the sky.Karl moved some things

Don't Forget to Lock the Door

knelt next to her. She kept her eyes shut. He wiped her face with a damp flannel. She winced when he accidentally touched her broken nose. 'Sorry' I didn't mean to hurt you, but you do look a bit of a mess.'She felt like asking whose fault that was, but kept silent. He put his hands beneath her arms and pulled her up into a sitting

Car Park No 1

over the years and felt a great satisfaction in satisfying the needs of a horny participant.It has become more of a challenge since the police seem to patrol it more often than in past years. However, I had the opportunity to have a few hours to my self as my wife was out. I decided to look in to any prospects at the park.I drove in and parked to

My Master Whores Me Out, Part II

done to me and ended with a plea:Please tell me this isn’t what you intended to happen to me. Please apologize that I was so badly used and tell me you will do something to hold those fraternity members responsible for what they did to me. I think we can both agree that whatever harm I may have caused you, I have now suffered more than enough

Anal on Her Mind Ch. 03

her and playfully slapped the shapely cheeks. The smacks were firm and thrilling and she felt her ass cheeks begin to tingle as the hand struck her again and again. She moaned deeply now with each thrust of the two fake cocks and her cries filled the room. Gabby and Sherry were fucking her roughly as if they were rushing toward their own orgasms.

Finding It

that sensitive spot he knows all so well, I give into the pleasure built up within me. Tilting my head back, a moan erupts from my throat and my orgasm takes over my body. I am still shaking when Mark, panting heavily, takes me into his arms. Bringing me further up the bed, he lays me down and softly kisses my flushed face while I slowly come

Just a Game Ch. 02

the pillow from her hands, tossing it toward the headboard. ‘Okay, first no faking and don’t try to fool me because I’ll know.’ He wasn’t entirely sure he would know, but it sounded good and he hoped the threat of it would keep her from trying. ‘And second…well it’s not so much a rule really. I think we should keep this just between us. I’m not

Forbidden Fruit:Part 1

down to eat. “I hope you got a good nights sleep, young lady” Trina said to her daughter.“Yes Mom! I did. This test is a piece of cake!” she said as she got up. “Gotta run! See ya later, Mom. You too Gramps!” She smiled, kissed us both on the cheek, picked up her backpack, she left for school.“You know,” I said to my daughter-in -law, “You two

Deal with a Horny Devil - A Halloween Story

was washed off to reveal my normal, red skin. ... And your fake red was washed off to reveal your new, truly red skin.”Stan just continued to stare at her.“You left your horns up on your dresser, didn’t you?” Lucy asked grinning mischievously.“Yes, why?” Stan replied.She pointed at the top of his forehead and he immediately raised his hand to

Candy Pleases Her Master

Gently, he pulled her head back exposing her neck, and connected the matching leash. "Up," He commanded. Candy quickly put her hand on his shoulders, and jumped to clasp her legs around his torso. Her master carried her to the bedroom, where the ropes were already laid out on the bed. Once over the bed, he laid Candy down, and tied her hands to

Geena's Life Ch. 05

moments he would say the strangest things, as though responding to what was on my mind. I know that sounds incredible, but it is still very true.That fateful business trip had sealed our relationship. He had built me up: Made me believe that we were colleagues on equal footing. Looking back, I realize that was a foolish illusion I had created for


becomes more violent. She bucks her hips, tugs at her wrists, all to no avail. He calmly continues his pace. His excitement seems to grow with every passing moment, or maybe with her anguish. He'd told her it would. Described how he can't help the way he enjoys the feel of her angst. How he wants her to fight her need and how he'll pit her pride,

BBW Wants to Lick You!

squeezing Cherry's massive mammaries together and suckling on both nipples at the same time. Megan nestled her knee against Cherry's wet slit as she sucked hard. Cherry began to grind her soaking slit against Megan's leg and moaning with each draw on her sensitive nipples. Cherry's body quivered at the pleasure assault that was occurring at her

One Night on the Beach

shot, and then held his cock as he spurted the rest on her chest.  As I took the last hit off my joint, I watched my wife rub his cockhead across her tits, smiling at him, rubbing the cum into her skin. Then, surprising us all, she ran naked through the palms, down to the beach, and jumped into the water.  Junior sent the other boys down to get

One Special Spring Day

freshly shaven pussy come to view. He then decides to slowly turn me around so he gets to view my nice ass up close and personal, and then he gives it a pinch and a slap that sends shivers throughout my body. The excitement of his touch makes me start to grow weaker as he takes off my t-shirt and bra to expose him to those tits he had caught a

Becoming Mommy's Bitch Pt. 1

squad? A whimpy, weak lil fuck like you? Shiiiiiit, you would have a better chance of getting a short skirt and pom-poms from the squad than to be one of those strong –but probably gay- guys that do all those hard lifts… How about that Vince, you want pom-poms?”“Mooooom… Noooo…”“Yeah, pom-poms and a dress… panties and a bra… pretty fitting for a


and I groan again. "Then take My pain, quietly and gratefully, slave." "Yes, Master, thank You." You pinch me again, harder this time. Again, I moan, a soft sensual sound that Your body absorbs. "Thank You, Master." You release me, and sit down in Your chair. I kneel before You, taking my position as Your slave at Your feet. I feel this

High Society Whore Ch. 01

then Marissa had dreams and fantasies of woman in PVC outfits making her masturbate in front of them, making her show them her virgin pussy. The thought of another woman make her lick her pussy and fuck her asshole. Sometimes she had dreams of being in a room with woman wearing PVC outfits, lingerie, or just naked, tying her down to a bed and

Daydream Believer: Consequences

the best thing to do was to call Steve, Jeanne and I together. It is here I rejoin the story. The next few days were busy paying on dues. The kids were due back from Kelli and Paul’s, Jeanne was due to come out of the hospital, I was due back at work. There was a lot to be done. But first I had some sober thinking to do. I spent at least two

Still Learning

with, even considering the unusual relationship we have with Lisa. Of course her husband has no idea that Lisa is sharing herself with Michael and me, and it is important to keep it that way."Typical," I say, "every man's fantasy is a threesome. But why is it always girl-girl-boy?""Because boys don't like to share," answers Lisa, "and deep down,

Forbidden Fruit

cock in her hand and guided it to the entrance of her soaking wet pussy. He slowly entered her, going deeper and deeper until he could go no further.He paused, looked into her eyes and together they slowly and rhythmically started to rock together. Her hips rising to meet him as his cock thrust into her. Her wet, warm pussy contracting to

Brother and Sister Go Too Far Ch. 01

what’s wrong? Is there a fire?’ ‘No nothing like that. It’s just time to get up.’ ‘Time to get up? What time is it?’ ‘It’s after seven.’ ‘It’s only seven? Are you crazy? Get out of my room! It’s way too early to get up. I’m still sleeping. Come back around ten.’ ‘C’mon, I made you coffee,’ he said handing her a mug. ‘Let’s do something today

Love Will Find a Way

with exaggerated facial and body features, all dotted every available surface. But it was all arranged and organized neatly so as to not give the impression of clutter. Charlie admired them openly, and smiled yet again…and noting to himself that he did so, he wondered wryly if his face could take the strain. ‘Well,’ sighed Margie, ‘they’re not

Daydreams of a Lonely Slave Ch. 03

the vibrations work over her. That brings her over the edge as she screams, moving her hips over my face. I flick my tongue over her faster bring her more pleasure wanting all her cum in my mouth. "Very good slut. Cum for me now, cum hard for me while I fuck your tight pussy. Feel my dick inside you fucking you hard as your ass is being fucked

Stephanie's Abusive Father *amended*

into his stomach. He stumbled away from where I had been standing as I turned to head for the door. The man from before came into view and aimed the barrel of a shotgun in my direction. I heard shuffling as I ran and then the click. He backed out of the doorway. A loud bang raped my eardrums, like a thunderclap. I turned and saw my father's

Kara's Lesson

it."Don't worry, honey, I am going to teach you everything you need to know to please a man. You just do what I say and you will pass, okay? But you must do everything I say, or else, your parents are getting a note that you are about to fail...and that will be very bad for you Kara"She quietly and sadly sat forward in her chair. She had

Hot Lunch

I know he is going to punish me for my impertinence. “Is that how you speak to me?” he growls in my ear. I can barely answer. I have disappointed him already. I manage a strangled “no” and apologize. He huffs his acknowledgement. With great concentration and focus I slowly undo the buttons on his sleeve and roll it up once, then the other.

big tits wife denise and a voyeur (True story)

amount of semen on the wall where he had clearly had a wank whilst watching her ! We marched off to the hotel complex to report what had happened but the girls on reception said it was a problem the police where aware of as it regularly happened. They told us not to use the shower block and that it was often frequented by local prostitutes and

My Introduction to Interracial Sex

Secondly, that my former boyfriend wasn’t all that good at sex based on what my friends told me about some of their experiences, and thirdly, based on some of the moans and screams I frequently heard emanating from my otherwise very conservative parents’ bedroom, I knew that there had to be a lot more to sex than what I had experienced in

Santa Scape

position. "We have to free him." Here Art lowered his head. "I'm sorry that my anger has caused all of this mother. If I had been more...""No, he has much more responsibility in this than you. I believe that he might even realize it at this point." Mercy responded to Art. "Do you think you can release him?""Oh, I'm sure I can. The thing is I'm

My daughters sex buddy

have been with more than a few guys in past few years. Some guys just like being with a MILF, and I have found quite a few of them. Courtney never liked me hooking up with so many different guys, but I told her something though. I told her, when she was ready, she could bring home a guy to have sex with. I told her that when she turned 18, and it

Take a Hike

always found him physically attractive she hadn’t been able to see him as anything other than the annoying brother of her sister’s boyfriend. Now she could barely remember what it was about him that had rubbed her up the wrong way. Evan dipped his head and left a soft kiss on her temple. He kept her snugly against him with one arm while his

Andys Little Story

I could because I don’t pretend to be all macho like you do. You’re wanking yourself off now for what it’s worth and I can see an end in sight. “Tell me what a useless little prick I am” you ask me because you need to be humiliated if you’re going to get off. I don’t realise it but this little need you have to be humiliated in the bedroom stems

Letter From a Stranger

first met him when my car broke down , he owns the local garage and helped me out. I have seen him a few times since then, we have said hi to eachother and I always wondered what it would be like to be with him, you see Nathan is one on those guys you just cant help but drool over, he is very handsome, he stands at least 6’3 with blonde hair and

The Farmers Daughter: Chapter Three

ask. I thought about our hot fucking in the barn that afternoon and her words, “how would you like some company tonight” and wondered what ideas she had in mind. These thoughts went through my mind as John handed me the plate of baked potatoes. I felt I was living in two levels of reality: the serious respectful apprentice and the horny guy who

Kat – My Sex Like Part 6

hour from my parents house. His office was in a big office complex. When I found his office I opened the door and a doorbell rang all by itself. A man came out from one of the doors in the back to greet me. He was about 5 10 and a little overweight. He had black hair and looked to be in his mid-forties. Hi my name is Mike he said and you must be

A Get-Away Weekend - Part 5

I had felt just a short time ago would come back to haunt me again soon. The next morning our friends had a big breakfast prepared for us and we complained that we would have to go home and diet for two weeks to work off the weight we had put on while visiting them. I noticed that Joe and Laurie gave each other a look that I took to say, “With

Asian 1

wouldn’t use a condom and she wasn’t on the pill. Just as she expected him to unzip himself and invade her tight wet vagina his hands were once again on her shoulders. This time forcing her down to her knees.She didn’t need any instructions as she knew what he expected so she quickly unleashed his very hot, very hard penis. Her eager mouth

Child of Darkness

kind of answer. She didn’t really know the questions: No one ever does. In the pool She then saw the moon, Her guide and Her direction, Her mother, Her child, within Her reach at last, waiting for Her. So wide and so bright, it mesmerized Her. Slowly, as if it were some sort of dance, She leaned toward the moon, Her face mere centimeters from the

The yellow Hornet in the rain.

17 and it was a summer day, yet pouring down rain. I was cruising around town in my car when I saw the Yellow Hornet sitting in the park. It was Brian, a friend of mine, Id say he was about 22 back then. I hadnt talked to him in a while, my boyfriend at that time was a complete jerk and didnt like me talking to other guys, but he was out of

Sharing Cindys Spice Rack

Crissy thought if she were this dispirited about sex at nineteen, what would it be like when she reached her sexual peak at thirty? How could you go from losing your virginity to sexual boredom in such a short space of time Crissy wondered? Crissy desperately wanted some new thrills in her life, something to take her breath away and give her

A Secretary Changed Ch. 08

her. "Turn around," I said, as I made a gesture with my finger for her to spin. She turned and faced the bed. Her ass pert and taut. Biting my lip I guided her body to bend at the waist. Her palms rested on the bed, her body held up by her arms. With a grin I suddenly smacked her ass hard. Very hard. It sounded like a gunshot. She squealed and

First Time With The Group Ch. 01

of that, but Claire wouldn't even let me see what she was packing. She just gave me a big holdall which clinked to carry.Then we headed for Lucy and Tim's place, a big detached house on the edge of town. Claire and I were both wearing jeans and casual shirts, but I didn't expect it to stay that way. Claire drove, and pulled the car up next to a

London Lovers, part 1

of your watch, the constant worry that in real life you may not be all William expects. 9.31. You ask your self, how do I look? You check the reflection in the glass door. Did you brush your teeth? You cup your hand to your mouth and blow into it and smell. Did you put on a nice perfume? You feel a hand on your shoulder, it startles you and

Saving My Marriage - part 12

hugged.When Steph had stopped crying, she slowly broke the hug and wiped her eyes. "Jeez, look at me. I am a blubbering mess!"Amy broke the tension by grabbing the snacks and plopping down on the bed. "How about we see what is on the television." She grabbed the remote from the night stand and turned it on. I climbed up onto the bed next to

new family fun

me as she flexed her cunt muscles, milking my dick of any last sperm. It felt amazing and made my dick twitch inside of her. We were both still very sensitive, so she felt the movment too. So she flexed herself even more. She had this look on her face, half powerful and half devilishly cheeky as she squished her sodden and cum filled pussy up and

Fighting for Survival

me and my Mom and there were none on the pictures themselves. The photos were not developed anywhere they could trace which I wasn’t even aware they could do. The detective tells me they believe the photos were developed privately, most likely by the suspect himself. My mind is reeling. They have nothing again. Pictures are hand delivered and

Amy from the Church Camp

and sucked on it for a brief second, while looking at me out of the corner of her eye to gage my reaction, before she took a bite.I think this was my first clue that I was the object of desire for Amy. I quickly pushed away my evil thoughts. Unfortunately, a spark was ignited and I couldn't deny my attraction to Amy. I was extremely conflicted

Take it Easy Informational Post/Apology

and I hope that most of you will agree with my choice. They all felt a little two-dimensional due to the lack of backstory, which shouldn't be a problem this time around. 3. Oh boy, where do I begin on the plot? For "Take it Easy", I had no endpoint in mind, so the story lacked direction. This time, I guarantee it will have both direction and

The Young Ones Ch. 02

She was more of what I considered a true friend than the rest of my coworkers, who I just considered drinking buddies. She was from eastern Pennsylvania and had married an Air Force guy and ended up in the area. She was a beautiful coffee color skinned black chick with a lot of class. She was recently divorced after her husband fell in love all

The Real First Time

Not that true love could not be found in high school, but he expected to have dated at least five or six other girls at this point. He was not going to deny he was attractive and five or six other women would not have been hard to obtain. Yet he remained with Jane, because she put up with his childlike behaviors and didn’t mind when he didn’t

A Troubled Mind

Quite simply, Dora, the owner, didn’t want to lose me. All her plans had been made long before I came into her employment. ‘Just for the season,’ she had said when offering me the job, ‘Trade isn’t good, and I’m going away in the winter.’ But trade had improved and the little shop had taken on a new lease of life. Yes, it was fine by me and I

The Author Pt. 06

stared at Monica, she looked so beautiful. She literally glowed with the sweat glistening on her body. As she looked up Monica’s lean hard body and found Monica staring back at Jennifer. A fluttering sense of desire floated through Jennifer and she licked her lips. Bill stepped up and said ‘Good girl, thanks for the ride, it was a treat.’ Petting

Me and my friend get together again

Being a single mum, she worked hard to support me, working two jobs that required her to stand quite often. Whenever she came back home the first thing she'd do is take a quick shower, no doubt to get rid of the nasty, sweaty stink. I took out a pair of shoes that I knew were smelly, but not too smelly, as she didn't wear them the most often.

Bringing Her Along Ch. 01

and heard the hiss of an intake of breath from above. Although it was hard to hear as she had her hands and arms around my head keeping at my task.Her chest, and those lovely tits, were moving up and down as she took great lungfulls of air, and I switched between nipples using all the tongue tricks I could remember to drive her crazy.And

Just Like She Always Wanted

to her sides, each landing on a knee. The left landing on Travis' knee, the right hand finding a spot on Nick's knee. She moaned loud, to instill some initiave into the others... She moved her hands over the denim of the boys jeans, as she got lost in the feeling of Jake's mouth against hers. His tongue was filling her mouth and taking her breath

The Caller 02

she said sternly, "and send it to my email.""B-but... I..." I stuttered, suddenly feeling very uneasy."Do you want us to continue or not?" she asked sharply. "Because if you do, then do as you're told."I paused. "What about those other pictures?" I asked, not knowing what to say, trying to stall her."Those were for yourself," she replied. "But

Sherry’s Test Ch. 20

the room laughed. ‘And having me spank you in front of your own mother doesn’t embarrass you?’ inquired Lara as she looked at Suzy and exchanged smiles. ‘You know it does!’ replied Sherry hotly, her mind in the grip of conflicting emotions again. She felt angry that her step-sister was spanking her in front of her mom, yet felt helpless to do

A Nighttime Fantasy

orgasm approaching. My body tenses in anticipation and I pull against the ropes wanting to wrap my naked body around yours, but I am at your mercy for the moment...allowing you to do what you will to me. When I come, it is strong and hard. My pussy pulsing and milking your cock and I feel you explode inside me in response to the pressure and heat

Hidden Magic Ch. 02

‘Gift?’ He winked wickedly and nodded, ‘Yes……your gift. You see, you may not know it yet, but you pack a punch of power inside that wonderful body of yours.’ Rolling her eyes, she stood and moved to fetch the rest of her clothing. ‘This is ridiculous. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Now why don’t you save us the trouble and get out before

Dirty Harry Potter

years, but there is zero written evidence to support that claim. It is fairly clear she did not get along at all with her neighbors and was plainly accounted by all to be a witch, and not a kindly ‘misunderstood’ good one either. The townships records, which are oddly incomplete and sometimes annoyingly vague, clearly list a litany of complaints

Jake's night in (Part 1)

the heat on his cock, Brigit's internal muscles milking his cock. She picked herself up again and stayed there, Jake began to thrust up and down from the armchair. Sliding his cock in and out. "Yes! Yes!" She yelled, her face welded into pure glee. Suddenly Jake felt something pushing against the underside of the cock from inside Brigit's

My Girlfriends Mom

it. Then she told me I ought to stick my dick in there. I looked at her moms neatly trimmed gooey snatch and slipped my dick in. It felt great, I sloshed in and out and then told Sarah to let me put it in her which she did. I fucked Sarah for a minute and then went back to her mom and soon dumped a big load in mom. We did the other two women

A Shower of Awakening

emotions again racing through my flesh. I felt again as every nerve was raw, every breath almost being able to be touched as it stood still. I found it hard to believe that I could feel to vulnerable, so soft and feminine, so alive and so free.I had found myself at the feet of a man, a man who had almost consumed me with his will and strength. As

Dinner and a Show

an eyebrow at her. A bouquet of emotions rushes through her as she watches his face. The intensity startles her, though she should be used to it by now, it's the same every time she sees him. Unable to resist, she takes her right hand off the wheel and turning her attention back to the road, gently runs the back of her palm over his cheek. He

Just a Quickie

worried that the cashier would be able to smell the aroma coming from my sex. I reach into my glove compartment. Oh happy day! There is a large flashlight that I usually use for emergencies. Well this was an emergency, my pussy was burning hot and yearning for a good fuck!The batteries make a light thud as they are shaken onto the passenger seat.

A Penance of Twelve - Parts 1-3

she followed her heart although this morning it seemed that her heart was firmly attached to her aching pussy and swelling clit. Alternating between short hard thrusts along his dick and deep, long, lip sealing mouth strokes, she doubled the size of the mans ample cock while her hands hungrily explored his tightening balls. Without hesitation,

Secrets Revealed Pt. III

love wasn’t there anymore. He felt love, she was sure of that—Tim had such a great capacity for love—but that love was for someone else now. For Fran. Patrice wanted to say so much, but she couldn’t bring herself to say the words. So much had changed, had happened, over the intervening years. She trembled as the memories of the years passed

Jacksonville Or Bust

Seven. She also noticed that Anthony had his arms around her, wrapped under her and around her, and both his hands were on her chest.She just shook her head before laying her head back on the pillow. As she settled back, she felt him poking her just above her ass. "No way," she whispered to herself. She smiled as she moved her ass back and forth

Daddy, Please!!

always say hes the hottest day they have ever seen.Well it started about two weeks ago after i got home from school. dad was a stay home dad. i was a only child. so he stayed home.It was about 1:30 when i pulled into the drive way and got outta my car with my bookbag. I opened the door and walked to the kitchen and yelled "dad im home" i didn't

Quid Pro Quo

was out, too. Harry was staring at me while my wife sucked his cock. He gave me that tight smile again. I looked away while Doris stroked my reluctant erection.When I looked at Harry again, his eyes were still on me. And he orgasmed into my wife’s mouth. She started moaning as the cum filled her throat. She tapped on his thighs for him to release

Keep Me Warm in the Winter- Part 2: Possibilities

unnerving. “But now, I believe it’s my turn for oral,” he smirked. Amazing how fast a guy can shift gears.“Mmmm,” I sighed. “I don’t know if I can move.”“Well I guess I can do all the moving for you,” Brian said. He gently rolled me onto my back and swung one leg over my chest, his thighs resting gently on my tits. I had a good idea of what he

Threads: The Island Chapter 4

caressing the lips of her pussy, sliding back and forth along either side and Kyle mouth opened wide as she slid her index finger inside her, a quick dip that accepted her whole finger with no hesitation. Her finger slowly began to slide back out yet darted back in as deep as it would go. Sahara arched her back as she fingered herself, and Kyle

A Tasty Treat

bonds held. The man moved closer and whispered in her ear, ‘I picked your house, because I could smell your blood and your pussy. I need both to survive, slave.’ Gia’s green eyes widened. The intruder brought his hand up and move her long black hair away from her neck. He pushed her head to the side, exposing the long graceful arch of her

A Good Student Ch. 04

By the construction?""Yes?""I'm going to be parked there. As you walk by I'm going to drive by and grab you, throw you into the van and tie you up. You're going to be my victim.""Conner, you're crazy! What if someone sees us?""No one will see us! And if they do, then we're just screwing around. What can they do? We're just goofing off—a prank. No

Shadow Hall Ch. 01

looked down at her hand, saw it shaking and clutched at the sheet to stop it. Her great grandmother was the only one in her family she had connected with. She lived with her when she was about seven. Her parents were going through a very ugly divorce and she was in the middle of it. Until it could be decided, she stayed with Cornila. It was a

Loving Erica (Mf, fat/dau, rom) PART THREE (end)

I was cheating on my wife. Then again, I still loved Helen intensely, and what Erica and I would share really wasn’t a betrayal of anything, it was simply an enhancement of the deep bond we already shared. As I reached the door, Erica called out, ‘Daddy?’ I turned to look at her, displayed in all her naked glory and glowingly freshly fucked. ‘I

The Day That I Almost Died

all the buildings were out. People were fast asleep. The snow felt wet against my butt as my body heat melted it. So, this was it. I had a good run, a good 747 years. I had dealt havoc and suffering across the world. I had relished my immortal powers. I had seduced the finest ladies of the time. I had observed the biggest moments that humanity

Locker Room Lust Ch. 02

his attention. The women he usually banged had been either models, groupies, starlets, strippers, cheerleaders, and even an occasional hooker or two.Checking out her ass earlier, he had had a passing thought of wondering if Winter liked getting a nice hard dick in her back door.Brock was about to find out.When Winter came back to the locker room,

Paradise Bound Ch. 04

fun the next day.We spent the morning exploring the slope above us, particularly the forested part. We hadn't seen a soul all morning. After lunch, and a brief nap in each other's arms, I packed our lunch stuff up into the pack Derrick had been carrying on his back. He stood above me, watching, and when I looked up at him he was wearing an evil

Little Red Riding Hood

to keep this athletic, toned body running, right? Where was I? Oh yeah, so that Wolf guy. He was fucking hot. Broad shoulders, dark hair that was just long enough for me to grab and tug, and Im betting a huge &hellip, ego to match. Ah well. I walk down the street into the large park that separates our house from Mollys apartment. Its a good mile

Pigtails and Punishment

had teased my mind all day continue to plague me: images of myself lying across my husbands lap, his hand raised above my uncovered bottom, images of his cock as it sinks into my willing cunt and the sensations that go with those pictures. I so just want to lie down on the bed and finger myself to a naughty orgasm. Actually I think I will. Just

Mom's sister comes to stay

into the spare bedroom. Maybe it was my imagination but it seemed like every time that we were close together she would bump into or rub against me. "Jimmy, I am amazed that you have grown into such a handsome young man," she commented. "The last time I saw you, you were a skinny pre-teenager.""Has it been that long?" I answered as I went about

Time for School Ch. 14

characters in this story involved in sexual situations are 18 years of age or older*Elizabeta sat down on one of the pool’s many lounge chairs. She reached down into a small canvas bag on the ground next to her and pulled out a bottle of suntan oil. She then reclined onto the chair and began to apply the oil to her arms.‘You’re putting suntan

Kallisti's Fantasies Ch. 03

for that side, during his daily call to make sure I was at work (something he had started, saying I was now on his leash) I told him how my boss, Mr. Durden was being an ass. Eric commanded me to spend the rest of the day with a smile on my face and accept his bad mood. He then said it would all be better tonight.Tired I made my way up the stairs

The Customer

for in the bar where she worked. It was a Monday, so it was very quiet. She stood out side having a cigarette when 3 men walked past, looked back and walked into her bar. He was tall and muscley with mousy brown hair, and amazing deep brown eyes, and the bone structure of a model. Lou immediately put on her best smile and made eye contact with

The Cuckolds Reward – Alistairs Story – Part II

by his mobile phone. It was Julie. “How are you darling?” she asked him. “Just woken up,” he told her. “I’m missing you.” “Missing you too,” she replied. “I’ve sent you an email about last night.” Alistair felt his cock stirring, “I look forward to reading it. Was it good?” “Mmmmmm.” “Abdul fucks you well then?” “Abdul fucks me very well.”

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 578 The Sapphic Wedding (Part 2)

for me on the bed. The sight of her naked body should have sent my arousal level skyrocketing, but it instead filled me with guilt. I was getting ready to have sex with my friends wife-to-be a few days before their wedding. But then I remembered it was only a fantasy and all guilt faded, leaving only arousal behind. I literally tore my clothes

Finding Tease and Denial

excited, but I wanted my first orgasm to be somewhat easy for him and memorable for me.Gilbert arrived a few minutes early. I gave him a huge kiss after he came in my apartment. I watched impatiently as he put the cock cage, rope, leather restraints, and other bondage toys on my bedroom dresser. I watched him strip and was trembling as he handed

Slutty Mother of the Year

riffling through the clothes. Now, while mom did wear clothes that were way too small to cover up her body, there was no chance in hell that clothes made for a 6 year old was going to fit her 36D tits. We actually were there to buy some clothes for my sweet baby sister.“Ooh, this would look REALLY cute on Becca!” mom exclaimed as she held up a

Romantic Conference Pt. 02

of his seed. Sarah could feel the hot cum splash against her cervix as it quickly overloaded her pussy and began to drip out. She rolled onto her back and realized that she wanted more. Normally her pussy would have been too sensitive to continue but SHE WANTED MORE. Sarah was completely cum drunk and brought Ryan’s hand to her dripping mess of

Take Two

and screwing them into her, while Carl had nipped her swollen clit between the fork of two fingers and was very gently and quickly stroking its tip with his thumb. She could feel an unexpected orgasm rapidly boiling up inside her, a wonderful combination of sensations heat and pressure within her pelvis that were becoming stronger and stronger as

Making Eleanor

possess to make it all work. That's where I focused, for what seemed like an enternity, working endlessly to further myself and aquire those things that I would need.I swirled the scotch in my glass and watched her, smiling at her tight rubber-like dress, and admiring how her ample curves and heavy breasts were tightly contained. I half laughed

she made me watch..

her chest said cum over her tits and i can use it as lube. i had 5/6 strokes of it and it was gone, the most i had ever cum, the lad said Jesus mate that’s been stored up. he used his cock to gather it up and he tit fucked her like mad. the lad between her thighs was pumping away like mad and he was about to cum he asked his mate to move so he

The Tournament 06: The Peril

leaving him alone in a harsh landscape. The island of his people was long gone, but he’d found an enclave of them in the woods of his homeland, and deep in there he had slowly become what he was today, a champion of humanity. When the bald man had introduced himself in those woods as Hachiman, the name had meant nothing. Over the next seven years

The Ensigns of Detection Ch. 05

violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above. ***** Part 19 – Party Favors ‘Whoa…’ said Cindy as she sat on the sofa after dinner. Everyone else at the dinner was sitting around, chatting about things. It was still Tuesday evening, November 24th.

I am a man…

I have seen and done things to help both people and myself and by standards of the people now some of them may seem wrong. I am a fighter, I am a survivor, I am Loyal and I am a fool.I was 15 when I first seen her she had such beautiful blue eyes and hair blonde and lush. She was my age in fact only a few days separated our birthdays and on my

The Enigma Variations

through to Z=26. I drove back home as instructed. I was getting worried, what if as it appeared, that someone had kidnapped Callie? But who? I could think of no person or any reason for this. Whoever this was obviously didn’t know Callie and me very well, I have never called her Calista, even when we were first going together. Then there was the


Matthew. Look at me. I’m positive’‘Oh. …Wow.’‘Yes. Wow.’9:52‘This is good, right? This is what we wanted?‘Ohhh, yes, my love. This is right. This is perfect.’‘I always thought we’d find out by looking at stripes on little sticks or something. This is much better. …Is it a boy or a girl?’‘How should I know? It doesn’t work that way, silly.‘Oh.

Becoming His Play Doll: Part 1

but honestly I couldn’t be happier about it, I have always been insanely attracted to him and being so close to him is driving me crazy. He is 4 years older than me but we kinda grew up together – he has known me since my birth. When I was smaller he was like my older brother but when I hit puberty I started to develop feelings for him and

Love in the Chilly Night Air

have been there with her. I could not make myself join her though. I knew I had made a mistake and I had tested our relationship. It was a very stupid move on my part. She said she had forgiven me, but, I knew in my heart I had hurt Clarasey more than she was telling me. I could look at her and tell. If I had listened to my conscience and not

A Satisfactory Affair

his arms and gave her a tender kiss.“Are you okay with this honey?” He asked, “we don't have to go through with it if you don't want. I don't want you to be hurt.”“No darling,” she replied, “I am very happy and very excited about it. I know that it will be a very loving night and we will all have a lot of pleasure. And in the morning I am sure

Dr. Felacio and the Bimbo Ray Ch. 01

She wanted to show Dr Felacio how much she loved cum. Once her tits were clean of semen, Barbie began to notice something strange- milk was coming out of her nipples. Barbie lifted a nipple to her mouth and began suckling on herself. The milk tasted so good, and her nipples were on fire in the most erotic way. Barbie was beginning to get turned

The Reward Ch. 1 Olympic Trials

as folks wandered in and out some spectators others competitors, and yet others working to get things set up. I happened to look over at one of the box seating areas and noticed a naked female form with her back to the window sitting on a man’s lap fucking him wildly. She was half jumping up and down on him. Her hair was jet black and shoulder

Sperm Donation 8

he was there.Jack got out of bed and went into the bathroom, taking care of business and then going into the shower, leaving Lorie still sleeping in his bed. About half way through his shower Lorie stepped into the shower with him and the two started washing each other. But Jack refrained from doing anything more with Lorie in the shower since he

Ms Surgeon

who prompted her to date that she’d been ‘entertained quite enough by that kind of idea in her life, thank you.’ It was her standard comeback for such suggestions. She’d worked excessively hard and got to her goal. She was now a staff surgeon at a significant medical center. Once she was established in her practice, she allowed herself to buy an


It was dark except for the lawn lights, and a small light in the kitchen. I pulled into the garage next to Rhianna’s car, and watched the garage door close behind me as the car idled down before turning it off. I gathered my things, and pulled the ring box from the console again, looking at it once more. I took a deep breath and pulled the keys


the buds snugly fitted into his ears, it would appear he was tapping along to whatever tune he was listening to. But really, he was just impatient. Rapid, heavy footsteps made him pull out a bud, and his sour demeanor brightened considerably when the sight of his lifelong friend, Melissa came into view."Hey." she greeted, resting her hands on her

Cheating Wifes Version of Date Night

multi-taskers. And don’t worry. We have plenty of time.’ They were in her bed–the bed she would be sharing with her husband in a few hours. She was sitting on her heels naked and, after sending the umpteenth text, leaned over to engulf what she could of his nicely oversized cock with her mouth. She ignored her husband’s latest text reply for

The Bike Fall That Started It All pt2 Guest Starring Barbie

as I washed the insides of her legs. It sprinkled on her delicate skin and dripped down her legs. Put your leg up, and guiding her, I put her leg up on the built-in shower seat. Now her pussy was open to me. I took the shower head and changed the nob to a faster, more centralized pulsating setting. She jumped a little and gasped when I put the

Fun with Friends

trailing up and down my thighs. You can tell that I am getting wetter and wetter with her touch. My nipples are hard and poking through my tank top. I have to resist the urge to pinch them. Her finger lightly brushes over my pussy and my body visibly shutters. I glance over in your direction and can tell that you are getting hard now. She spreads

Poker Night Ch. 01

are going to start getting here in twenty minutes," I reminded her. "I do expect you to be wearing something when they get here." Amy turned to me with her eyebrows raised. The sparkling in her beautiful hazel eyes was only a bit from the two drinks she'd had earlier in the evening. The rest was pure excitement. "This coming from the man offering

Down and Out (Part One)

I realized, I was starving. So without saying a word, I simply nodded my head at him. “Come on then,” he motioned toward me, as he opened the back door to the building with a key card and stepped in. “Let’s get you a bit to eat then.” I stood up from my spot and gathered all of my belongings. My feet were hesitant beneath me, but I was so hungry,

Laura’s Last Christmas Present

running toward Laura’s door, but he took no notice of them. Once outside the hospital, his head cleared and he read the message again and again as he let forth a torrent of tears. Scott looked toward the light in Laura’s room in a final good-bye as he scrunched the slip of paper to his chest. He was going to get through Christmas after all, with